DNP INTERNATIONAL is a company specialized in design and development of industrial analyser systems, with several years of experience in design, development, commissioning and start-up of complete process analyser systems for almost any application. We have the ability to provide full service for on-line analyser systems. Weather the process in your company requires a simple sample system or -component, a single-stream analyser or a complete integrated analyser; DNP is qualified to design and produce according to your specific demands.

Today, DNP has a long list of satisfied customers. DNP has a long list of satisfied customers in all most all segments of the markets like Power, Petrochemicals, Refineries, Steel Plants, Fertilizers, Chemical Plants, Cement Plants, Pharma & Biotech, Oil & Gas, Water and Waste water treatment Plant, Municipal Sewage and Drinking water Treatment Plant, Glass manufacturing units, Research Institutes, Technical Education Institutes and so on.


DNP INTERNATIONAL was founded and registered on 21st May, 2005 as a privately owned company. Our independence enabled us to maintain an unbiased approach to our clients and their requirements and to provide a complete product. The priory activities are the sales and services of on-line analysers.

Over the years DNP became a reputable full service Analyser Systems Integrator.

The combination of Analyser Manufacturer Representative and Analyser Systems Integrator gives the final user customer the assurance of complete analytical systems with full single source responsibility.


DNP has the ability to provide full service to clients requiring high quality analyser systems. This extends from providing initial surveys, both in the field and in the office, through to final commissioning and maintenance of complete analytical systems.

We make a dissimilarity between the following activities:

1. Analysers: all activities in reference to the sales of analysers and contacts with the represented analyser manufacturers.
2. Analytical systems: all activities in reference to engineering, design and production of analytical systems.
3. Support & service: all back-up and after sales activities of the analysers and analytical systems division.

The service covers outlined:

• Consulting;
• System specification and engineering;
• Detailed engineering, equipment selection and specification;
• Project management;
• System design;
• Fabrication and assembly of analytical systems;
• Site management;
• Pre-commissioning and commissioning of systems.

For each contract a team of project engineers, designers, and craftsmen will be assigned, specialists can be added to the team as required by the contract. Each individual member will be selected, taking into account their specific skills and experience in respect to the particular needs of the contract.

The wide range of industries served, working in close co-operation with client’s engineers and operators, has resulted in a wide range of experience and knowledge of processes and analytical equipment. This in turn has produced a cross-fertilisation of ideas and methods and an understan¬ding of the clients’ objectives.

Based on both experience and up to date knowledge of the latest technology, additional services are offered.

These services include:

• Review of clients’ proposals, leading to feasibility studies, from which systems are outlined and evaluated;
• Field surveys to establish the condition of existing installations and advise as to the desirability to